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His machine also has a video installation, but I think the description of the license actually used the term “volume.” I`m not quite sure of the difference between the two types of licenses, but the problem affects both for him. His computer had no other Office product keys than its Office and Visio facilities. 4.1. With the exception of the use of the program in the perimeter and through the channels, expressly provided for by this license or legislation of the Russian Federation, the user must not modify, decompinize, decoding, decoding and other uses with the aim of recovering the source code of the program and/or obtaining information on the implementation of program algorithms, creating works derived from the program and using the program otherwise, unless it is authorized to do so. Reader Jean has a problem: she installed Office in 2003 on her brand new Windows 7 system, and every time she runs it, a pop-up forces her to accept Microsoft`s (EULA) end-user license agreement. You have to accept the Office-End license agreement every time you launch an Office (MSKB) program, I have tried to run this application in admin mode and accept THE EULA, but the problem has not been fixed. You can make a clean restart in Windows to close all back-end programs on the PC. Then run the command under the clean start you mentioned in the first message to remove the license and activate the Office: cscript “Program Files C:, Microsoft Office-Office16-OSPP.vbs status.” You`ll find the detailed steps in this article: Tools to manage Office volume activation. Every time I open Outlook 2013 (paid $149.00) a box appears in which she asks to accept the deal.

I`m tired and two hours on the phone with so-called a Microsoft expert didn`t help them “don`t know why”! Office 365 ProPlus (version 16.0.12527.20194) – Volume License I don`t understand why we have to accept Outlook if we don`t like it. I would like to go back to the original system. 10.4. The form and method of concluding this licence are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which govern the procedure and conditions for concluding an agreement by accepting the offer to the public. 1.6. The use of the program on conditions and in a manner not provided for in this licence is subject to a separate agreement with the right holder. 8.1. This licence agreement may be unilaterally amended by the right holder.

The notification to users of changes made under this license is published on the website: I have a user in our group of 200 people who is always invited to accept the Office365 licensing agreement. It seems to occur at random times during the day, whether it`s already in an office application or not. He only clicks Accept to see it reappear a few hours later. By closing the window, Office apps and some unrelated apps will also be closed. It receives two variants of acceptance-licensed command calls. One is for the general office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), the other for Visio Pro 2016. If you do not fully accept the terms of the license agreement, you cannot use the program for any purpose.

I checked his Office account to verify that he activated his product, and he lists his product as activated with the host name of his computer. I also executed this order to search for retail licenses (we use a volume license): Method 2: Connect to the computer with a Windows account with administrator rights. Once you do this, open Outlook with Run as an administrator. Now, if you accept the CLA, acceptance will be recorded in the registration. If you re-connect to your Windows account, the CLA will not be displayed. Dang it, Microsoft, they`ve already agreed! She agrees! Just bought a new computer with Windows Vista.