Deferred Prosecution Agreement Avanir

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., September 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Avanir) announced today that it has reached a resolution to civil, criminal and administrative claims with the federal government and participating public authorities. Avanir had already announced in February 2019 that an agreement in principle had been reached before 2017 regarding certain distribution and marketing practices of its nueDEXTA┬« product (dextromethorphan HBr and quinidine sulphate) 20mg/10mg of capsules. Under the agreements, the company will pay approximately $116 million to the federal government and the federal states. Avanir is paying more than $95 million to solve deceptive marketing charges and breach of the False Claims Act. He also paid a $7.8 million fine and lost more than $5 million in a deferred lawsuit on the Georgia case. Avanir supports the charge in the Ohio bribery case. After years of federal investigation into Nuedexta marketing and an “agreement in principle” earlier this year, Otsukas Avanir reached an agreement with food. The drug maker agreed to pay approximately $116 million to settle civil and criminal charges and to help prosecute former employees and a prescriber. As part of the resolution, Avanir entered into a False Claims Act (FCA) agreement with various government agencies, a delayed prosecution agreement (DPA) with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for a period of three years, and a three-year Business Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the U.S.

Office of Health and Human Services (HHS-OIG) for a period of five years. As part of these agreements, Avanir will develop its strong compliance program. Please call Avanir at 855-363-6473 or visit us at if you have any questions about the subdivision above. Please call Avanir at 855-809-3045 or contact us at to report any cases where you believe an Avanir representative has made inappropriate advertising for a product or has taken other questionable behavior over the years. Alternatively, you can report inappropriate behavior related to the marketing of prescription drugs by an Avanir representative at the FDA`s office promoting prescription drugs at 301-796-1200. You should ask medical questions or concerns about Avanir products at 855-572-2722. Earlier this year, the company said it had reached an “agreement in principle” with the authorities to clarify the Justice Department`s investigation.