Exeter Learning Agreement

The International Office-Mobility Unit communicates the date and procedures for signing the grant agreement. Without them, you will not get Erasmus student status. In April 2015, Exeter College was awarded the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) quality label after a complete review of all our higher education offerings. The Review Board agreed that all aspects of the university`s learning opportunities at the university level are in line with uk standards and expectations. In particular, the group described the field of good practice as “comprehensive and consistent academic support for students that enables them to exploit their potential” (QAA, 2015). Click here to read the QAA Higher Education Review In response to the review, the university has developed a comprehensive action plan to ensure that best practices are maintained and that opportunities to further improve the university experience at Exeter College are followed. Click here to read Exeter College`s Higher Education Action Plan The coveted Gold Prize highlights that the University Centre for University Studies, which offers a wide range of university courses, is one of the best in the country for educational and employment outcomes. In 2017, the university was one of 16 colleges to receive gold across the country, which brought us into the top 20% of the 299 colleges and universities in the UK (assessed according to Teaching`s framework of excellence). The results of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) give an image of excellence in teaching and learning in higher education in the UK. A jury awarded Exeter College Gold “teaching, learning and outstanding for its students” and found it to be among the “highest qualities in the UK.” The results and the underlying evidence are intended to help students think about the university or university with which they are to study. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) was set up by the government to establish evidence of the performance of the UK`s higher education sector. Each supplier was rated with gold, silver or bronze. The TEF awards were decided by a panel of independent experts, which included scientists, students and employer representatives.

The TEF measures excellence in three areas: the quality of teaching, the learning environment and the educational and training outcomes achieved by students. Exeter College is hired for its: Student Contract 2019/20 (for students who start their studies program in September 2020) Click here to get the withdrawal form of the study contract. Click here to access the student protection plan. Please note that, as stated in the agreement, the terms and conditions come into effect when you accept a study place. However, you have the right to resign if you change your mind and the student agreement no longer applies, if you do not participate in your program of study. The date indicated should not be after the end date of mobility indicated in your grant contract.