Ona Collective Agreement Lakeridge Health

The Ontario Nurses Association (ONT) represents the heart and soul of Ontario`s health care – nurses and associated health workers on the front lines. As an organization, the ONA represents them not only at the negotiating table, but is also their collective voice vis-à-vis the world. Ona… “I am stunned that in the midst of a pandemic, when Ontarians thank front-line nurses for their incredible dedication, courage and abilities, Toronto Rehab and now Lakeridge Health precisely reduce people who make a difference in their patients` health outcomes and offer such good value. The ONA is calling on this government to stop the RN cuts now and is asking Ontarians to do the same. It`s too important for everyone to keep quiet. On the basis of the Guelph General Hospital decision, Adjudicator Parmar concluded that the correct interpretation of the word “planned” excludes positions worked as a result of a nurse`s offer and the approval of a particular position. This conclusion was supported by the health centre`s assertion that the collective agreement clearly distinguishes between scheduled and “unforeseen hours.” “Unforeseen hours” were identified in the collective agreement as available hours after the calendar was booked and then offered to employees. According to the arbitrator, this clearly showed that the parties understood that there were two categories of hours worked, programmed and unscheduled. The parties` choice to use the term “planned” in point (iii) may only mean that they do not refer to the proposed “unforeseen hours” after the calendar is published. Adjudicator Parmar concluded his analysis with the word “expected” its clear and ordinary meaning and rejected the union`s argument that the meaning of the word “planned” each layer worked by a nurse. He found that the health centre`s current practice of paying the premium was not determinative given the clear and ordinary meaning of the tariff language. He found that a nurse who works solely on the basis of accepting the health centre`s offer to work an available weekend position is not entitled to a bonus allowance under the collective agreement.

“The news of even more RN layoffs is incredibly disappointing and discouraging,” says McKenna. “This is the second time in a week that a major hospital in greater Toronto has decided to put money into care. Lakeridge Health cuts the RNAs, acute medicine unit patients, surgical program and most alarming who offer the infectious disease clinic. It is truly appalling that this is the way management is going to balance the budget, and the people of Durham Region, who depend on Lakeridge for their health needs, should be very alarmed. This is the first agreement since Lakeridge merged with the former Rouge Valley Health System and pinewood Centre in February 2018, according to OPSEU. Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Hospital Professionals with Local 348 at Lakeridge Health in Durham Region, Ont. signed a new collective agreement on November 8. OPSEU members in Lakeridge, who are covered by this new collective agreement, work as laboratory technicians and technicians, medical radiology technicians, pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians, as well as health experts such as social workers, respiratory physiotherapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and language pathologists.