Pharmacy License Agreement Format

16.4 Disposal. Neither party may withdraw or transfer this agreement or the rights or obligations arising from this contract without the prior written consent of the other party (consent is not unduly withheld, conditioned or delayed), except that one party may withdraw from this agreement (along with the other agreements reached between the parties covered by this agreement). , including marketing efforts 7.1). The taker (either through his related companies and sub-licenses) will make reasonable economic efforts to market the product on the ground in the territory for the duration of the period. d) No other authorizations. It is not an authorization, declaration or administrative registration with a court or government authority, commission, board of directors, office, agency or instrumentality, at home or abroad, in accordance with existing legislation, currently for or in relation to transactions or other agreements or instruments provided for by this agreement. , engages, is known. , or for the performance of its obligations under this agreement and other agreements (with the exception of regulatory approvals and similar regulatory authorizations necessary for the use of the substance and product, as provided here). (e) be discovered or developed independently or on behalf of the receiving party or one of its related companies, without the confidential information provided by the party dividing it being used or accessible; or 13.4 Cancellation of the patent application. Takeda may, at any time after written notification to the licensee or one of the companies linked to the licensee or its under-licensed companies, terminate the entire agreement, directly or indirectly, with the assistance of a third party, initiate interference or opposition proceedings, challenge the validity or applicability of Takeda or any extension or issuance of a certificate of additional protection with regard to (a “patent procedure”). , or to affirm or disclose the composition of the material or method of producing or using the product throughout the territory, with the exception of a country located in the territory where the agreement was denounced before the start of such a patent procedure. However, Takeda`s right to terminate this contract pursuant to this section 13.4 does not apply to an affiliate of the licensee who, after the effective date of a merger or acquisition event, first becomes an affiliate of the licensee or a sublicensed with which that affiliate or sublicensing performs activities related to a legal proceeding prior to such a merger or takeover or issuance of a such a sub-license.

, provided that such an affiliate or sub-license immediately terminates any activity aimed at promoting such a patent procedure and that such a patent procedure ends in prejudice or prejudice in the context of such a merger or acquisition event or the granting of a sublicensing.