Terms Of Service And User Agreement Ps4

You may be able to share or allow us your user information about your account or activities on PSN via third-party services. If you choose to do so, the use or dissemination of your information on a third-party service may be subject exclusively to the terms of use and privacy policies of that third party; Please check these documents before sharing your information. You allow us to use, distribute, copy, view and publish your user information without payment. All content and software provided via PSN is not exclusive and revocable for your personal and non-commercial use on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PSP®, PlayStation®Vita and any other hardware devices authorized by Sony or THE EIS companies under the terms of this agreement. All intellectual property rights over content and software, including content provided by or via PSN, and material used in connection with PSN (defined as “property”) belong to SIE companies and their licensees, and any use and/or access to this property is subject to the terms of this Agreement and to all applicable copyright and copyright laws. You cannot sell, transfer, lease, sublicensing, modify, adjust, translate, redevelop, decompil or disassemble parts of the property. You must not create derivative works, try to create source code from object code, or download content or software for purposes other than the game or any other authorized use of SIE Inc. The property is not allowed for resale or for public performances. Unless the agreement is expressly granted, EIS companies and their grantees reserve all rights, interests and remedies related to the NSP and/or property. Some content on PSN may have features that allow you to record your user information by a user and publicly pass it on to third parties, including users outside OF PSN. You agree that, for whatever reason, third parties may register, use and distribute your data without restrictions or compensation. Additional conditions may apply, including the terms of a game publisher or service provider.

Please check all the terms carefully. If you don`t want your data to be used, recorded or distributed, don`t use or access PSN. Subject to the conditions below, you may not begin displaying a copy of your video rental on any of your Sony systems during the corresponding access period, and you can only view that video rental during the relevant viewing period. The access period and the reference period are indicated at the time of the rental. Be sure to read all these conditions carefully before signing up or confirming a rent. The access period is a limited number of days from the date of your rental. If you didn`t start playback during the access period, you can no longer view the video rental. The viewing period starts from the time you play video rentals for the first time during the access period and lasts at least 48 hours. Reproduction is permitted until the end of the access period or posting period, with the earliest date being retained. If you don`t have enough money in your wallet to make a purchase and you`ve already entered your credit card information, we can automatically charge your credit card a minimum amount set by SCEA (“minimum fee”) to make the purchase, even if the minimum fee exceeds the cost of your purchase.