Time Charter Party Agreement Sample

“Mass discharge”: the time the ship takes for full or partial loading, as may be the case; With the exception of tanker capture and/or crude oil washing operations, the details of this Charter must remain private and confidential by all parties concerned: unless this is information that must be disclosed by one of the parties to its staff, to its accountants, lawyers and related companies, who must be aware of this information in the context of the application of this Charter, to a court or government authority requesting this information, or to another appropriate third party, to the extent necessary to satisfy it. (a) Where one party to the other party requires written communications: These communications must be sent by registered mail, mail, telex, e-mail or fax or manually delivered to the following addresses: (i) At the time of berthing, the vessel`s vessel`s coating must not exceed 0.7% of the vessel`s length from the rear to a single buoy dock (“SBM”) or 1.5% of the vessel`s length from the stern of a marine island or pier, the propeller being completely submerged; The vessel`s maximum aft coating at all other times must not exceed 1.5% of its total length, as the propeller is completely submerged. The vessel must be able to unload or unload and unload at the same time in order to maintain the necessary aft coating; Boat to have the freedom to join the first convoy/controlled roads available in force in Goa and stay in full rental for any expectation necessary to exercise freedom, as the owners/masters above must always make their best effort to minimize delays. If an original car letter is not available in any unloading port where the vessel may be ordered by charterers in accordance with this Charter, or if the charterers require the owners to deliver cargo to a portion or port other than that of the car letter, however, the owners unload this cargo in accordance with the instructions of the charterers, upon presentation of the recipient designated by the charterer (the recipient) of an appropriate identification to the master and taking into account the charterers who compensate the owners in the indemnification letters agreed by the International Group of Clubs P-I and published from time to time, which deal with the relevant circumstances.