Ucop Vendor Agreements

The list of credit agreements includes an index of items for which university agreements have been negotiated and established. Purchase contracts are established and executed for the purchase of independent contractors, consultants or professional services. It is often used when confidential information is shared with suppliers to carry out their work. Whenever you consider a service from an individual or supplier, please contact your contract and grant administrator before all services are provided. They will accompany you in determining the path you must take; Flexcard or GateWay, and whether a contract is required or not. Contracts can be provided either by the Kreditor or by UCSB Procurement. Since the University of California is a full-fledged branch of government, many provisions need to be amended in seller contracts to comply with national law and can take many weeks to negotiate. Please allow at least 2 weeks in advance. UC Procurement works with campus purchasing teams to standardize policies, practices and agreements to facilitate business with the university. OUR SPECIAL HISTORY NOTE: All suppliers called “PRIMARY” or “CO-PRIMARY” are considered equal.

End-users of the campus and transacters should consider choosing from these sources before choosing another provider. The choice of another supplier should be reserved for cases where there is no practical alternative from a competitive market source. Orders funded by federal grants/cooperation agreements. Subawards, by the Office of Contracts – Grants Admin. (OCGA) to manage The commercial department of the University of California, Riverside, has authorized Campus Transactors to acquire materials and/or services directly from these suppliers, in accordance with UCOP, which are included in the specific agreement. REMEMBER THAT ANYTIME YOU RECEIVE A CONTRACT FROM A VENDOR OR INDIVIDUAL YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO SIGN. Contracts/contracts with the campus can only be signed by individuals with a specific delegated signature authorization for the signing of contracts. By signing a contract in your own name, you can be held responsible not only for the amount of the contract, but also for any debts that may result from the contract. Department heads, principals, IP and economic managers cannot sign agreements or contracts on behalf of the university or UC Regents, and if so, contracts are considered unenforceable by the university.

A contract signed by someone other than someone with the signing authority is not valid because the authority implicit in the UC is not applicable. To apply for a contract, complete a contract application form and send it with the offer/proposal of credit to your contract and grant administrator for further processing. UCLA`s P2P Savings Program was born out of the challenge of Peter Taylor, UC`s CFO, to achieve annual savings of $200 million by the GJ17. Savings will be achieved through the use of system-wide agreements and savings on the ground. Check out the monthly report of the local P2P savings program to see how UCLA is addressing its goals. Professional Service Agreements (not intended for construction) Source selection and price adequacy justification (PDF) This document must be completed by the applicant division for all purchases financed by the federal government, ≥ $10,000.00 (including taxes and shipments) and non-federally funded purchases ≥ $100,000 (excluding taxes, but including shipping) are required to demonstrate the adequacy of source selection and price accuracy.