Bluetooth Sig Membership Commitment Agreement

If you have any questions about membership agreements, please contact us. Reading the agreements listed below before you go to membership adopt GIS membership is free and allowed members to publish Bluetooth wireless specifications and Bluetooth brands. Adopter members do not have access to unpublished specifications at an early stage and cannot participate in working groups or committees to influence the development of the technology. Universities or other educational institutions are not accepted for membership. One of these agreements is the Bluetooth brand licensing agreement, which defines the terms of use of the verbal brand and Bluetooth logos. Only Bluetooth GIS affiliates can use the Bluetooth brand and logos on their qualified products in accordance with the provisions of the Bluetooth license agreement. The Bluetooth SIG Associate dues have remained the same since 2006. The associated membership is renewed each year and the annual fee depends on the turnover of the company concerned. Companies with annual revenues of more than $100 million are considered large partners and pay annual dues of $35,000. Small associations are classified as organizations with a turnover of less than $100 million and join GIS with an annual fee of $7,500. GiS Associate Members have early access to specification projects in versions 0.5 and 0.7 and have the right to participate in working groups and committees and obtain a voting seat – an important opportunity to work with other associate members and proponents to improve existing specifications.

You are also allowed for extensive marketing support, get discounts on product qualification lists and GIS events, including Bluetooth World and UnPlugFest (UPF) test events. Bluetooth technology allows information to be exchanged between wireless devices such as PDAs, laptops, computers, printers and digital cameras via a secure, inexpensive and globally available short-frequency band. Originally developed by Ericsson, Bluetooth technology is now used in many different products by many different manufacturers. These manufacturers must be associate members or promoters of Bluetooth GIS (see below) before having earlier access to Bluetooth specifications, but the published Bluetooth specifications are available online via the Bluetooth SIG website