Cogeneration Agreement

Environmentally friendly MWM cogeneration plants enable decentralized, economical and energy efficient electricity generation. Large distribution companies typically generate electricity in a central location and then transfer electricity to miles of wires (often referred to as “grid”). The transfer process and the loss of residual heat in the power plant cause significant energy loss. On the other hand, a BLOCKheiz power plant is usually located on site and the system was designed to detect the residual heat from electricity generation and use that heat (to obtain both electricity and heat through a single process). Because of the local location and multifunctional process, cogeneration is a more efficient way for MIT to produce electricity and heat compared to traditional production opportunities. Intergen using MWM gas engines one of the leaders in the Italian cogeneration market. Flexible management of the base or peak loads of natural gas-fired cogeneration plants is a highly efficient process that uses fuel to produce two types of energy, electric and thermal. By capturing and using heat that would otherwise be wasted, cogeneration reduces total fuel consumption. It is one of the cleanest and most cost-effective options for energy production. Businesses need to be flexible in their energy consumption, reduce their energy consumption and ensure their supply. Choose cogeneration with EDF Energy and make the most of your company`s heating and cooling systems. What are the benefits of investing in a mwM cogeneration plant or gas engine? No no.

In recent years, due to the nature of our gas service contract, MIT has had to rely on an average of 20 to 30 days per year on fuel oil that consumed natural gas every other day. We have negotiated a new agreement with Eversource that will allow the cogeneration plant to operate entirely on natural gas, with the exception of emergencies and testing. By 2020, we expect #2 oil to be used only 2 to 3 days per year for testing and as a reserve fuel in case of emergency. This will support MIT`s efforts to reduce emissions. Secure your energy supply by cogeneration by simultaneously producing heat and electricity. MWM offers comprehensive installation concepts ranging from gas processing to plant control, heat and cold electricity generation. The HIGHly efficient and space-saving MWM engine is characterized by natural gas applications and offers high profitability, flexibility and maximum electrical efficiency. Operating costs reduced through high-efficiency hydroelectric power plants, decentralized generation or a state of emergency New development – greatly reduced operating and installation costs and fully digitized control systems generate mechanical energy and heat for heating or production processes.

more… The X-Change spare parts replacement program is an economically attractive alternative to on-site maintenance. BIOgas variants of MWM TCG 2020 Gas engines with improved ink pistons for higher electrical efficiency with biogas.