Sip 403 No Roaming Agreement From Current Network

It also seems to me that the problem of suppliers, where a number is chosen and second is not. I will check and update with the supplier. Information received in response to Cx-Query may indicate that “roaming is not permitted” for the network subscriber In this case, I-CSCF must refer a response 403 (Forbidden) to the EU. I-CSCF inserts in the response a warning head telling the EU the reason for rejecting the registration requirement. The warning head contains the name of the network that insinuates the warning head (warn-agent – and also contains a warning text. The alert code inserted in the warning header is 399. Here are the results of ITSP. According to them, we need to send two PCMA and PCMU codecs as the 1st and 2nd priority. Under the configuration of the outgoing voter, I have the codec class with both. Where I can save the CM to send both codecs.

The gateway configuration is attached Warning: 399 “Roaming not authorized by this network” As in the protocols, the problem appears to be the vendor`s site. You send reason below to separate the call for the call to “4565235”, but the same functions (G711 ulaw and SIP udp) work for “4193193” Warning: 399 – “SoftX3000 R601-CCU Rel POS:[3103] CR output” On the SIP we expect to miss the call. Route diagrams for the local SIP for the outgoing call are created to call in the city. The call is successful, but some local numbers in the same city are not selectable. gives an overloaded signal. The same number that doesn`t work can be chosen from E1. This problem is only on the SIP drink not E1. . Услугу убрали из ЛК. .

014193193 (works); 014565235 and 014791233 (inactive) . “Reason: Q.850; cause-57; text “unauthorized bearer capacity” . P.S. Кроме Telphin и теперь Билайн такую кривизну как прокси никто и не использует ) Вы должны быть пользователем, чтобы оставить комментарий . . We have a SIP and E1 drink in our environment. The CSS for SIP and E1 are created separately.