Tir Gofal Agreement

Tir Gofal works within the framework of the agro-environmental measures of the Common Agricultural Policy, jointly funded by the European Union and the UK Government. It replaces ESA, Tir Cymen, Habitat, Moorland and Countryside Access Schemes. The organic farming program can be operated next to Tir Gofal. Agreements under existing partial operating schemes, such as Habitat or Moorland, can be denounced at any time, provided they are replaced by a shot-gofal agreement. ESA agreements can be terminated at any time or time after the stop point to enter Gofal Shot. The Woodland Grant Scheme is linked to Tir Gofal, allowing its project managers to include WGS proposals throughout the business plan. iii. At least 25% of hedges on base cover areas must remain uncircumcised for one year, with the exception of cover adjacent to roads that may require annual circumcision to meet legal requirements. Detailed guidelines for hedgerow management are included in this plan on page 31.

C All animals must be excluded for the duration of the agreement. C Lead an appropriate system for managing reservations, authorizations, etc., if necessary for certain activities. Make a simple recording of it and make a copy available to the project employee each year of the agreement. (C) land or open water use in the control of contract holders for organized and/or commercial sports or recreational activities that may conflict with the system; (c) the evacuation of bush, tree or tree plantations and work in forests that are not covered by the agreement on the Forest Assistance Program; Participants in the program must meet all relevant legal requirements, both in force when entering into an agreement and which may enter into force for the duration of the agreement, and are responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations, such as. B building permit. i. Total inventories on an area subject to the agreement are not expected to increase further. 4.The contract land is free of waste, waste… Each country on the Gregynog Great Wood of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) site is still protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which is replaced by Schedule 9 by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

Any transaction that may prejudice the special interests of the ISSS that are not covered by this Gofal Shooting Agreement must be referred, for approval, to the local office of the Countryside Council for Wales. The plan was reviewed and published in September 2008. The scheme had paid more than $100 million to landowners since its introduction in 1999, and management agreements were reached with some 3,000 farms that covered about 20% of Wales` total agricultural area.