Samsung Distribution Agreement

Hugo Graça, Vice President, GCC, Europe at Tech Data, said: “Samsung is a global leader in advanced semiconductor technology and this agreement is further proof of our commitment to providing the most comprehensive portfolio of enterprise and data center components on the market. GCC`s team of specialized technical experts will work with all of our customers in the component ecosystem, including OEMs, MSPs, VARs, system builders and system integrators, to develop differentiated and customized business solutions for customer, enterprise and data center markets, taking advantage of Samsung`s high-quality offering. BARCELONA, 19 years old. February 2018 – Tech Data (Nasdaq: TECD) today announced that Global Computing Components (GCC), a solutions company specializing within Tech Data, has entered into a Europe-wide agreement with Samsung`s semiconductor division for the distribution of its enterprise flash storage and DRAM storage products. For laymen, a distribution agreement is a kind of contract or agreement signed between the supplier and the seller who must market and then sell the product. For example, Samsung is a company that makes smartphones, and Amazon is a company that finds itself with e-commerce. Therefore, Samsung and Amazon sign a contract called a distribution agreement, which sets out certain rules and regulations to be followed by both the supplier (Samsung) and the seller (Amazon). This agreement can be considered a win-win, for both the supplier and the seller, since the supplier does not have to worry about marketing the product and the supplier receives its fees or commissions for marketing and then selling the product. In addition, each distribution contract has a basic structure that must be the same regardless of the product. Outside of the basic structure, some specifications may vary, for example. B conditions of sale, price, sale, geographical location, etc. The Indian Contract Act of 1872 governs the principles of a treaty in India. “We see TF Solutions as the ideal national distribution partner to continue our strategic growth in the UK climate market,” added Perry Jackson, Head of Air Conditioning at Samsung.