Section 87 Maintenance Agreement

2. If a maintenance contract provides for the provisions referred to in paragraph 1, the maintenance contract shall have no effect and shall not apply unless it has been authorised by the courts. (a) any order that takes effect under this Part or an order made under Part VIII of the repealed Act that has remained in force in accordance with paragraph 3, paragraph 2(c) of this section, expires to the extent that it relates to the financial matters governed by the agreement and whether or not approval of the agreement is withdrawn; has no other effect; (7) Nothing in this Division affects the collection of arrears due under an order when the order was no longer in force. 38. Jurisdiction in spouse maintenance proceedings “60e. 1. Subject to paragraphs 4 and 5, this Part covers New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. in the exercise of its powers under point (b), the Court shall take into account the reason why it withdrew the approval of the agreement. (d) in circumstances that have occurred since the approval of the Agreement, the application of the Agreement is not feasible or is inapplicable for the implementation of any part of the Agreement. (ii) the share of the payment or the value of the part of the assets resulting from the provision of maintenance to the child or to each child. `4.

The court shall not grant leave pursuant to paragraph 3 or 3a unless it is satisfied to do so and, to the extent it deems it appropriate in the circumstances of the case, it may take into consideration all relevant results of published research concerning the subsistence of children.` 2. A court with which a child contract is registered under Article 66zc may amend the agreement by order, to the extent that it makes provisions in respect of the best interests of the child, if it considers that the best interests of a child require the amendment. (a) anything done or omitted by a party in accordance with the Agreement; `5. For the purposes of paragraph 1, a person shall be considered to have consented to the use of an artificial design method, unless it is demonstrated, after weighing the probabilities, that the person has not given his consent. (c) express the order as an order to which this section applies; and 66 g. of in-laws to help, in certain circumstances, preserve stepchildren, etc. “4. Paragraphs 114 bis bis bis bis, para. The provisions of paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 7 shall apply to a person arrested pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Section, as if the person had been arrested in accordance with paragraph 114a(2), if an order had been issued in advance in respect of the person referred to in paragraph 114a(1), and that the applicant was the person at who whon`s request this order had been made.”; 2. In paragraph 1, with respect to the proceedings, “relevant day” means: “66w.

(1) Without limiting the generality of Article 66v, the court may, at the request of a party to the proceedings, at the request of a person representing the child on the basis of an injunction provided for in Article 65, or from the locality: to take a decision providing for the implementation of a procedure for examining filiation in respect of a person referred to in paragraph 2 in order to obtain information on the determination of the child`s filiation. 66zd.